About Rootclaim

Mission Statement

Humans are bad at reasoning, clumsily trying to force the complexity and uncertainty of our world into a logical-deterministic model.
The problem is made worse by bad information inputs: dishonest and inaccurate journalism, state censorship, and culture wars.
Together, the result is that humans are left in the dark. International disputes go unsolved, cold cases lay dormant, and potentially life-saving drugs go unused. The public is left bereft of reliable sources of information to make sense of the world, and worse decisions are made.
Rootclaim provides the solution. We overcome the flaws of human reasoning with our probabilistic inference methodology, and correct faulty inputs through transparency in our evidence and analysis.
In other words: we are an open book. Think something looks suspicious or manipulated? You have the tools to point out when and where we got something wrong.
So forget the opaque practices of think tanks or news outlets: we are neither. Think tanks usually operate with a clear political leaning, and lack transparency. News outlets must prioritize traffic, profits or the agenda of their financiers above truth if they are to survive in today’s world.
Instead, we use math.
The public is left with transparent, clear, and precise analysis to accurately assess claims in public discourse. The result is an informed public capable of making informed decisions.
Together, we can transcend the limits of human capabilities.

What’s in it for us?

Rootclaim doesn’t sell anything, has no ads and no revenues. Our incentive is, put very simply: we don’t want bad things to happen.
Bad things happen when people and governments are misinformed. They are more likely to make wrong decisions on life or death issues: questions of war and peace, health, or the law. We repeatedly discover cases where flawed reasoning has led to public policy failures. While too many of these have been catastrophic in terms of human cost, thankfully none have been apocalyptic. We may not be so lucky next time.
Our track record speaks for itself. We have out-thought intelligence agencies and gone up against the claims of well-funded organizations. When additional evidence surfaces, our published analyses are consistently confirmed.
But, this is just the beginning. Using the same mathematical tools and frameworks, Rootclaim will expand into more complex challenges, with the ultimate goal of becoming the standard method for analysis, forecasting, and decision making in any case involving high uncertainty.
So what’s in it for us? A lot.

Who Are We? Who funds this?

Rootclaim was founded by Saar Wilf, who has been involved in the technology world since childhood. He founded the company that is currently responsible for PayPal’s fraud detection, and pioneered the use of modern AI in industry. Saar is the only source of funding for Rootclaim, enabling us to operate without any political or commercial biases.
More important than the source of funding, the methodology itself ensures political neutrality. And indeed, each time we find our conclusions support differing political sides. The truth certainly isn’t always ‘somewhere in the middle’; it can align with the consensus opinion or with the so-called fringe, it can go against US claims, or against China’s claims. A Rootclaim conclusion does not mean we have taken a political side on the controversy at hand. It simply indicates what is the most likely hypothesis.
Our team possesses a vast array of expertise. Our dedicated analysts hail from backgrounds as diverse as political science and social work to data science. The team’s differences span political beliefs, nationalities, religious affiliations, and more.
We share one thing in common: an absolute commitment to the truth, and the conviction that Rootclaim’s methodology is the best way to get there.